Expert's advice to parents: Use same apps as your kids to guide them online

In a public lecture on parenting in the digital age, SMU Professor of Communication and Technology and Vice President (Partnerships and Engagement) Lim Sun Sun encouraged parents to put themselves in the shoes of their children by using the same digital apps, build trust with their children and to be mindful of the friendships that children tend to form online. Titled Growing Up in an Al-Fuelled World, the lecture was organised by SMU’s College of Integrative Studies in support of the Singapore Ministry of Education’s inaugural Social Science and Humanities Ideas Festival. Drawing on social sciences and humanities research on the social implications of AI, as well as examples from her book, Transcendent Parenting: Raising Children in the Digital Age, Prof Lim provided an overview of the pressing concerns within digital spaces and what parents can do to support children in reaping the gains and mitigating the risks of digital acceleration.

The Straits Times