Singapore Management University Joins Digital Education Council as Founding Member

Singapore, 18 Mar 2024 – Singapore Management University (SMU) is delighted to announce the foundation of the Digital Education Council (DEC), a global alliance with a shared vision to drive sustainable innovation and AI adoption for higher education and workforce development.

"At SMU, we don't simply utilise EdTech; we aspire to mould it. Through a collaboration with industry pioneers and esteemed universities in the Digital Education Council, our goal is to enable faculty and students to discover, use and implement cutting-edge solutions, shaping the very future of digital education," said Professor Venky Shankararaman, Vice Provost (Education), SMU.

Initiated by SuperCharger Ventures, the world’s largest EdTech accelerator, DEC is committed to increase access to cutting-edge resources, knowledge sharing, and innovation. Its founding members include Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST), Melbourne Business School, Esade (Spain), Tec de Monterrey (Mexico) and University of the Witwatersrand (South Africa).

As a DEC Founding Member, SMU will have access to unique resources and opportunities to collaborate with leading institutions and experts in the field to create shared practices that promote positive impact internationally.

Through participation in this alliance, SMU recognises that by uniting our efforts, we can achieve much more than we could individually. The University’s participation in the DEC brings multifaceted opportunities that are aligned to SMU's strategic priorities of Digital Transformation, Sustainable Living and Growth in Asia.

“As a founding member of DEC, we are looking forward to collaboration to strengthen the value of AI and technology-based offerings, including best practices on the ethical use of AI. In the area of ESG and sustainability, the pooling of knowledge and resources enhances the University’s sustainability-oriented offerings in both undergraduate and postgraduate programmes. In addition, the DEC network would foster even more connections with startups and accelerators, creating myriad opportunities for SMU students who are focused on innovation and entrepreneurship major,” commented Prof Shankararaman.

For more information about the Digital Education Council and its initiatives, please visit