Survey: Nearly 7 in 10 Singaporeans polled think public toilets in coffee shops are as dirty as 3 years ago

A new survey conducted by SMU revealed that Singaporeans hope for more to be done to improve the toilet sanitation at coffee shops across the country. Conducted between August and September 2023 by SMU Principal Lecturer of Statistics Rosie Ching and her 170 undergraduates, the survey took place with the support of Singapore Public Hygiene Council, Singapore Kindness Movement, Restroom Association Singapore and World Toilet Organisation. Ms Ching and her students visited more than 1,000 toilets across Singapore’s coffee shops and hawker centres, asking a total of 9,411 people for their views on the state of these toilets. While there were some improvements in public hygiene standards at hawker centres compared to 2020, the survey found that a quarter of the interviewees were wary of using toilets at public coffee shops. Ms Ching hopes that the findings will spur collective action to improve hygiene in public toilets.

Lianhe Zaobao