Tech graduates still enjoy good job prospects

The Straits Times shared the job prospects for tech graduates and highlighted what SMU is doing to help boost the job prospects of its tech graduates. It noted that SMU graduates including those from the School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS), are continuing to do well. Looking at the job outcomes for 2021 graduates and SCIS graduates, they had a 98.2 per cent overall employment rate, with seven in 10 landing jobs before graduation. SMU also assigns certified career coaches for every student. The university holds one-on-one sessions on researching and identifying potential careers, guiding them on selecting the right internships, building their resumes and writing cover letters. SMU Dean of SCIS and Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor of Computer Science Pang Hwee Hwa also assured parents and students that the school continues to focus on the industry relevance of its programmes and career preparation for its students. He said IT professionals who can innovate solutions that create value are still in demand, stressing that graduates should be flexible and consider various job opportunities.

The Straits Times