SMU’s Business Families Institute to conduct pioneering research on the emerging investment strategies of business families targeted at building capabilities for the external asset management industry

Two-year study and fellowship made possible by research gift from Sino Suisse Capital
By the SMU Corporate Communications team

Singapore, 9 September 2020 (Wednesday) – Singapore Management University’s (SMU) Business Families Institute, or BFI@SMU, today announced that it will embark on a two-year research on emerging investment strategies of business families.  The study aims to generate insights into family businesses’ wealth creation, preservation and management both in Singapore and internationally; as well as identify the needs of the external asset management (EAM) industry and uncover the skills gaps of investment managers and family advisers in serving family business firms.

The study, which will help to deepen the knowledge and skills of the asset management industry, is believed to the first of its kind.  The knowledge generated will not only enhance the service and support that investment managers can give to their family business clients in Asia, but will also shed light on the viability of a professional and sustainable EAM industry in Singapore, with the aim of making it world class.

SMU will also establish the Sino Suisse Fellowship to drive impactful and industry-relevant research that is crucial to improving the understanding of businesses, particularly family firms.  The Fellowship will support outstanding SMU faculty members over the next two years for their work and research on topics relevant to family businesses. 

Both initiatives have been made possible by a S$400,000 research gift from Sino Suisse Capital Pte Ltd.

Professor Annie Koh, SMU’s Vice President for Business Development, and Academic Director of BFI@SMU, said, “As business families transcend from one stage of development to the next, their needs evolve to become more complex.  As such, it is important that wealth advisors understand the intricacies of family investment, and intergenerational wealth planning and transfer.”

“We are grateful to Sino Suisse Capital for this research gift and the support provided by founder and CEO, Mr Albert Liu and his team.  On one hand, this study will enable us to uncover the needs and challenges facing family firms in the areas mentioned above; on the other hand, the asset management industry will also gain insights into which and how skills capabilities of asset managers can be enhanced to help them better serve the Asian clients who may manage their investments through multiple vehicles.  These may include single / multi-family office, corporate venture capital, variable capital company or even venture debt with the help of an independent advisory,” she added.

Mr Albert Liu, CEO and Founding Partner, Sino Suisse Capital Pte Ltd, said, “After observing the evolution of the asset management industry over the years, we are confident that there are large potential and growth opportunities within this industry.  With an aim to develop a professional and sustainable external asset management (EAM) industry in Singapore, we are proud to partner BFI@SMU in this study and are dedicated towards providing continuous support to SMU for its excellent work in conducting relevant and impactful research.”

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