The Big Read: With a house still divided over 377A, time to seek common ground

SMU Chairman Mr Ho Kwon Ping, has also called Section 377A as “fundamentally untenable” for the government without enforcing it and questioned what the authorities are doing to the notion of “rule of law”. He added, “One day, this pernicious relic of colonial taboos will be dropped. I wish it were sooner rather than later.” He and his wife, former Nominated MP Claire Chang, are among those who signed the repeal petition.

SMU Associate Professor of Law Eugene Tan noted that privacy as a fundamental right played a huge role in the Indian court ruling. However, Singapore currently does not recognise privacy as a fundamental right. He added that one way to challenge the constitutionality of Section 377A will be to persuade the court that privacy should be recognised in Singapore as a fundamental liberty.

SMU Lecturer of Law (FDS) Benjamin Joshua Ong felt the issue will not be a political hot potato, especially during elections. Still, he noted that perceptions of the Government could be affected not because of the ultimate conclusion it has reached on the issue, but rather its “thought process and the extent to which it engages seriously with all aspects of the debate”.
Channel NewsAsia