Uplifting data literacy and transformation in the logistic sector with new executive certificate programme

By the SMU Corporate Communications team

Joint Media Release

Singapore, 5 June 2024 (Wednesday) – SMU Academy, the professional training arm of Singapore Management University (SMU), in collaboration with PwC Singapore and The Logistics Academy (TLA), today announced the launch of the Executive Certificate in Successful Data Transformation for the Logistics Sector. This industry-specific programme is designed to equip about 60 professionals each year with essential skills in data analytics, governance, and protection. By bridging the data literacy gap, it aims to empower logistics professionals to thrive in an evolving landscape, driving competitive advantage and propelling Singapore’s logistics sector to new heights.

Ranked by the World Bank as the global top logistics hub, Singapore’s logistics sector was reported to have generated S$6.8 billion of GDP contribution and employed 2.3% of the country’s total workforce, according to IMDA’s Logistics Industry Digital Plan (IDP). Not only is Singapore a prime location for major logistics firms, most of the top 25 global logistic players conduct their operations here.

Despite its leading position, the sector faces transformational challenges due to disruptions brought about by Industry 4.0 technologies such as AI, robotics, automation, and blockchain. According to a report by the Ministry of Manpower (MOM), 30 out of 56 roles in the logistics industry will undergo at least a medium degree of change in job tasks, requiring job redesign, which will impact 36,000 workers. New roles not traditionally in the industry are beginning to emerge as well, which includes data analysis and data management roles, digitalisation and automation job roles.

As the logistics industry collects and interacts with large amounts of data daily, therein lies a huge opportunity for companies to leverage and harness the data to optimise operations and make informed decisions. Understanding and harnessing data is a key enabler of growth and an important skill to have in today’s business landscape. In fact, another survey by MOM noted that data analytics was the top digital skill that employees were most keen to pick up.

Working with TLA and SMUA, PwC Singapore has weaved industry-specific challenges into the curriculum, and will provide industry practitioners who will share real life application and cases to enable participants to better grasp concepts and apply them in their work.

Mr Jack Lim, Executive Director, SMU Academy, said, “In the age of data, logistics is no longer just about the movement of goods across geographies. Our collaboration aims to empower logistics professionals with the skills to unlock the hidden potential of data. This programme fills a gap in industry-specific data courses, and will serve to elevate the data literacy levels of the logistics industry. As we navigate this transformative landscape together, let’s not merely adapt; let’s innovate and upskill this industry.”

Conducted over five modules, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of several key areas. These include basic critical data elements; data governance concepts; the challenges, trends, and business benefits that underscore the need for good data quality; importance of data privacy; basic data classification; and data protection concepts.

The programme will also shed light on the different ways an organisation can monetise and share its data. Through real-life examples, participants will better understand the benefits and risks associated with data monetisation and sharing, and will pick up problem-solving skills necessary for data and analytics. They will also be exposed to various self-service digital and data tools for transformation.

Dr Thomas Sim, Director, The Logistics Academy, said, “Leveraging data has indeed become a game-changer in the field of logistics. It offers significant opportunities for logistics companies to increase efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer satisfaction, ultimately driving competitive advantage in the industry. The tripartite collaboration is in line with the Academy’s mission to enhancing professionalism, skills and knowledge of supply chain and logistics.”

Mr Kwek So Cheer, Digital Solutions Partner at PwC Singapore, said, “Data is the backbone of every industry. For the logistics sector to keep up with times, it is important to equip its workforce with the relevant skillsets to not only analyse the data but to understand the importance of data protection and privacy. Very excited to work with the leading education institution in Singapore to bring to life real world application of data concepts to the industry.”

Participants of this programme can tap on SkillsFuture credits to offset the programme fees, while employers will be able to receive salary support from WSG CCP scheme for eligible participants.

The Executive Certificate in Successful Data Transformation for the Logistics Sector programme is now open for registration. For more information, please visit: https://academy.smu.edu.sg/courses/executive-certificate-successful-data-transformation-logistics-sector

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