Focus on benefits of AI at workplace, not job displacement, say industry experts

At The Straits Times Education Forum 2024 held in partnership with SMU on 8 March, panellists discussed the benefits of artificial intelligence (AI) and its perceived threats in the workplace. The forum was moderated by SMU Professor of Communication and Technology and Vice President (Partnerships and Engagement) Lim Sun Sun. One of the panellists, SMU Assistant Professor of Law and Deputy Director of SMU’s Centre for Computational Law Jerrold Soh, addressed the worries people have about job displacement, and said that it is important to talk about how the average person perceives the impact of AI. “As long as we see AI as an enterprise of making computers act and think like humans, there will always be a need for some human input,” he said, adding that he felt confident that AI is creating jobs.

The Straits Times