SMU Wins 2 Awards at the prestigious 2023 QS Reimagine Education Awards & Conference

The 2023 QS Reimagine Education Awards & Conference took place in Abu Dhabi from 11 to 13 December 2023. The event hosted a global community of more than 700 participants, including university chancellors, faculty and educators, innovators, investors, startups, employers and policymakers, all of whom are committed to pioneering the transformation of education.

SMU-X had the honour of garnering two awards in this year’s prestigious conference. SMU’s Industry Project-Based Experiential Learning (INDEX) programme, also referred to as SMU-X, attained Silver in the ‘The Power of Partnerships’ category.

SMU School of Economics (SOE) Statistics-X course (Statistics for Social Impact), created and taught by Principal Lecturer of Statistics Rosie Ching, won Gold for “Blended and Presence Learning”. Ms Ching expressed her deep appreciation for this remarkable achievement. She said, “Winning the international Gold award is truly an incredible honour. Everything I do for my students as their teacher is an ode to all who have taught me, who inspired me with their belief, encouragement, patience and sacrifice, and a lifelong tribute to my parents - my first teachers.”

The 2023 Reimagine Education Awards attracted more than 1,200 innovative submissions across 17 award categories, with numerous submissions standing out for their quality and diversity. All submissions had been meticulously evaluated by a panel of more than 900 international judges, as well as a Grand Jury consisting of 55 global experts.

The Awards recognise innovative approaches that enhance student learning outcomes and employability, with cash prizes, Google credits and overall funding awarded to winners. By honouring pioneering pedagogical approaches that boost learning outcomes and employability, as well as effective methods of teaching sustainability, the Awards aim to equip over a billion learners worldwide with the requisite skills and knowledge for their future endeavours.

Notably, SMU-X and Ms. Ching have been bestowed accolades in this esteemed awards ceremony in the past, a testament to SMU's ongoing commitment to improve learning outcomes by mobilising innovative pedagogies. 

Find out more about the two submissions in the video links below:

Statistics For Social Impact

SMU’s Industry Project-based Experiential Learning (INDEX) programme