SMU wins Silver Ribbon Mental Health Award for fourth consecutive year

On 9 Oct 2023, the University was once again lauded for its holistic approach in promoting mental health and wellbeing for the SMU community.
By the SMU Corporate Communications team

The Singapore Management University (SMU) was honoured at the annual Silver Ribbon Mental Health Awards Ceremony 2023 for its efforts in championing mental health and holistic wellness for the SMU community. This is the University’s fourth consecutive Silver Ribbon Mental Health Award in as many years since the awards were inaugurated by Silver Ribbon (Singapore) in 2020. This year, awards were conferred to 36 organisations across three categories – Community, Culture and Sports, Employers, and Schools and Institutions. SMU was one of 15 winners in the Schools and Institutions category.

The awards were presented on 9 October during the 3rd Global Summit for Mental Health Advocates 2023. Graced by Minister of State, Ministry of Social and Family Development and Ministry of Home Affairs, Ms Sun Xueling, the Summit was organised in conjunction with World Mental Health Day, which falls annually on 10 October. It provides a platform for local and international experts to share best practices on mental health issues.

Speaker of Parliament, Mr Seah Kian Peng, who was also one of the Summit Advisers, presented the awards. In a Facebook post following the ceremony, he said, “Awareness and appreciation of mental health and mental wellness is certainly higher these days and we need to do more – to understand, to learn and to support better.”

Mr Alvin Sim, from SMU’s Office of Dean of Students’ Co-Curriculum Development unit, received the award on behalf of the University. He said: “This award is testament to the importance SMU has placed on the wellbeing of the entire community as well as the whole-of-University approach adopted in fostering a resilient community. Together, we need to continue our efforts in operationalising the SMU Resilience Framework.”

Launched in October 2021, the SMU Resilience Framework aims to foster the holistic wellbeing of SMU undergraduates by developing their physical, intellectual, financial, career, social and emotional resilience. To establish a strong foundation for mental health and wellness, all students are introduced to an e-learning module, Mental Health and You, which provides information and strategies on enhancing mental wellbeing.

Workshops like Mental Toughness and Mastering the Art of Presenting are offered under the Thrive Workshop Series and the SMU Pathfinders Programme. Selected student leaders can also join the Sustainability Changemakers Overseas Programme.

Workshops like Mental Toughness and Mastering the Art of Presenting are offered under the Thrive Workshop Series and the SMU Pathfinders Programme. Selected student leaders can also join the Sustainability Changemakers Overseas Programme.

Since 2022, SMU has progressively enhanced its Student Care and Support Services. Student Care Officers (SCOs) offer support and encouragement by connecting regularly with students and helping them navigate university life through various education and wellbeing initiatives. The Student Pulse Survey, administered once every semester, provides an avenue for students to raise concerns and give feedback. Experiential learning through CCAs, overseas cultural immersions and community service projects, fosters students’ resilience and overall wellbeing, and develops leadership competencies. Two such CCAs, SMU Peer Helpers (PH) and SMU Purple play significant roles in the promotion of mental wellbeing for the SMU community. All these platforms augment the professional support services provided by Mrs Wong Kwok Leong Student Wellness Centre (MWKLSWC), Voices@SMU, and Disability Support Services.

It was certainly a collective effort that garnered this prestigious accolade for the University a fourth year running. Congratulations to all involved!

Below, we take a closer look at some of SMU’s wellbeing programmes and initiatives for students, faculty and staff.