SMU Introduces CTE Scape to Elevate Teaching and Learning with AI

By the SMU Corporate Communications team

Singapore Management University (SMU), through its Centre for Teaching Excellence, has introduced CTE Scape, a new learning hub, on 12 September 2023 which enables educators to better harness artificial intelligence (AI) and to further enhance the quality of teaching delivered to students.

The launch of CTE Scape comes against a global emergence of a new wave of AI and advanced technologies changing the way in which people work, play, live and learn. CTE Scape will benefit faculty members and staff of the University, who intend to leverage the tidal wave of technology for capacity building, community building as well as to showcase innovations in education.

CTE Scape holds a distinguishing feature of being a one-stop nucleus for a range of activities, in line with SMU’s ongoing commitment to fostering a dynamic and collaborative academic environment that effectively serves students’ learning needs. The primary activities and objectives include:

Capacity Building, where CTE Scape serves as a dedicated space to host professional development workshops, training sessions, and forums where the University’s faculty can enhance their teaching methodologies, explore innovative pedagogies and exchange best practices. Recognising the invaluable role of teaching faculty in shaping the future of education, these initiatives are ultimately geared towards enhancing the quality of education which would benefit students at SMU.

Community Building, where CTE Scape provides a vibrant setting for diverse members of the University community to gather, catalyse ideas and build lasting connections. CTE Scape serves as an inclusive space that encourages dialogue, networking and interdisciplinary collaboration amongst faculty members, staff, students and members of industry.

Technology and Innovation Showcase, where CTE Scape stands as a testament to SMU’s commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements. Through a regular hosting of exhibitions, demonstrations and showcases of cutting-edge technologies and innovative projects, CTE Scape intends to provide a platform for students and faculty to interact with emerging trends and ideas. The space includes a recording booth for instructors to familiarise themselves with the ins and outs of recording video lessons and formulating interactive online learning opportunities for students.

“Our teachers are constantly discovering how we might effectively deploy AI and technology to engage students and to maximise their learning outcomes. Through such novel approaches, we aim to spark a genuine curiosity and desire to learn amongst our students, and to promote a mindset for collaborative learning that stays with students even as they step out into the working world,” said CTE Director, Lieven Demeester.