Singaporean climate scientist reflects on his work at UN bureau

SMU Associate Professor of Urban Climate Winston Chow was recently elected as Co-Chair for Working Group II of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Seventh Assessment Report (AR7) Cycle Bureau. He will be working alongside fellow co-chair Bart van den Hurk from the Netherlands to lead a group of top climate scientists in updating the latest science on climate change impacts and adaptation. Assoc Prof Chow began as an expert reviewer for the IPCC, providing feedback and suggestions for certain chapters in the IPCC reports, and was later a lead author for the chapters on “Cities, Settlements and Key Infrastructure” and “Cities and Settlements by the Sea” as part of the IPCC Working Group II’s sixth assessment reports (AR6) from 2017. In addition, the multi-institute Cooling Singapore initiative – which Assoc Prof Chow helms as its co-principal investigator – will look into local heat adaptation and mitigation measures for Singapore. He shared that he is taking on the role in order to do his part in a way he finds most meaningful, to create a more sustainable world for his two daughters.

The Straits Times