S'porean nominated to bureau of UN's top climate science body

For the first time, Singapore has nominated one of its climate scientists, SMU Associate Professor of Urban Climate Winston Chow, to the bureau of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) to serve as a co-chair for the United Nations’ top climate science body. Assoc Prof Chow is nominated to the IPCC Bureau as a developing country co-chair, where he will contribute to Working Group II focusing on the impact of climate change on the planet, and possible adaptation measures, for the upcoming seventh assessment report cycle (AR7), which will commence in July. Assoc Prof Chow said, “If elected, I will do my utmost to build on the work of past IPCC reports and contribute to strengthening climate action over the next climate assessment cycle.” Assoc Prof Chow has been actively involved in contributing to the IPCC reports, which is now in its sixth assessment report cycle.

The Straits Times