Finance exec banks on a time-tested wealth strategy

SMU alumna and executive director of Luminor Financial Holdings Kwan Yu Wen has a one-two strategy for growing wealth – invest as early as possible and always keep up with changing markets. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics from SMU in 2015 after taking a gap year to complete a six-month internship at a Swiss wealth management investment bank. Yu Wen started investing at 18, when her father helped her open a brokerage account just after she finished junior college. She continued gaining experience at university, and bought more higher-risk investment products. Yu Wen could afford the time to monitor her investments during university but she now adopts a more passive buy-and-hold investment strategy with a long-term view as she has chosen to focus her time and energy on growing Luminor and does not have the time to invest as actively as before.

The Straits Times