Building future cities, Chan Chun Sing: Universities can play the role of 'living labs'

Speaking at The Straits Times Education Forum held in partnership with SMU on Saturday (Mar 11), Education Minister Chan Chun Sing urged Singaporeans to move beyond grades to a meritocracy of skills, where regardless of where they start in life, everyone is given the chance to fulfil their potential. Mr Chan was addressing some 300 students at the Forum on the role higher education plays in building a sustainable and resilient future. In his keynote speech, Mr Chan said institutes of higher learning (IHLs) play a key role in building a meritocracy of skills through aptitude-based admissions and by providing different entry points and pathways for lifelong learning. Beyond providing mass access to education, IHLs also need to tailor curricula to meet individuals’ different needs and strengths, he added. “IHLs are already moving in this direction by offering options to customise degree programmes, and expanding the range of modular courses for adult learners to customise their learning based on their needs,” he said. SMU’s new College of Integrative Studies, which will take in up to 100 freshmen in August 2023, allows students to design their own majors with a selection from the university’s suite of courses.

Lianhe Zaobao