SMU seeks to prepare students for green jobs of the future

All incoming undergraduates at the SMU from 2023 will get a foundational understanding of sustainability issues. The move will be expanded in 2024 to require all undergraduates to complete at least one course in the field. This is part of an effort to prepare students for jobs that do not exist yet, but could enter the growing field. This effort has become the business of higher education institutions everywhere, said SMU Provost Professor Timothy Clark. What these future jobs will look like or require is unclear, but SMU is not leaving the development of necessary skills to chance, said Prof Clark, outlining how universities can build a talent pipeline for the emerging “green economy”. He also shared how SMU figures out what skills the future will need and how the skills are delivered to students. Prof Clark also shared how the SMU Academy complements SMU's undergraduate offerings and upskills Singaporeans through lifelong learning.

The Straits Times