SMU Academy to launch Metaverse, Web 3.0 technology certificate programme

To address the demand for fintech talent in Singapore and plug the knowledge gap in Web 3.0, SMU Academy, the professional training arm of SMU, together with TechFin Consulting, will launch a 12-day Advanced Certificate in Web 3.0 programme in end-January 2023. The Advanced Certificate course will give participants an extensive introduction and overview of Web 3.0 and enable them to understand and appreciate the concepts behind widely used buzzwords. The curriculum will cover the Metaverse and the opportunities it offers; Decentralised Autonomous Organisation (DAO); and how technology can empower SMEs, startups and brands. Jack Lim, Executive Director of SMU Academy, said, “The development of Web 3.0 will bring about a plethora of career opportunities in Singapore. For fresh graduates and mid-career switchers, working knowledge and understanding of Web 3.0 will give them a strategic advantage.”

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