Young Singaporeans abroad and their misguided sense of superiority towards S-E Asia

In a commentary, SMU President and Lee Kong Chian Chair Professor of Social Sciences Lily Kong –whose research has focused over the decades on social and cultural change in Asian cities – discussed why young Singaporeans can have a misguided sense of superiority towards South-east Asia when they venture abroad. She explained how this could blind them to their neighbours’ hidden strengths. Prof Kong also shared that SMU has sought to actively vest in its students a sound appreciation of growth in Asia. To support this endeavour, the University is launching a series of overseas centres in selected South-east Asian cities, with its first centre opening in Jakarta in December. She highlighted one of the crucial roles for these infrastructure-light centres will be to play the mediating role of enhancing overseas internship and research exposure for SMU students that embed them within companies in the region.

The Straits Times