Not a 'social problem': Dialogue on ageing raises preventive health, employment issues

The way elderly people with multiple medical conditions are treated and the benefits of having them stay employed were among topics discussed at a symposium held by the SMU Centre for Research on Successful Ageing (ROSA) on Tuesday (Nov 1). Commenting about “polypharmacy” on CNA 938’s Asia First a day after the symposium, SMU Dean of Students and Director of ROSA Professor Paulin Straughan said the worry is that patients are being treated for individual illnesses when they see different doctors, as opposed to a holistic approach. She also elaborated on a point made by a guest at the event – regarding treating patients who are well, versus those who are ill, and spoke about going for regular check-ups with a family doctor instead of waiting until something goes wrong. She added that other than physical well-being, mental, social and economic well-being are equally important as people grow older.
Channel NewsAsia