Cheers for hangover help

SMU alumnus Ryan Foo was on holiday in South Korea in 2018 when he found hangover cures in convenience stores there. He figured there are others like him in Singapore, and thought there might be a market for a supplement that people take before and after drinking to mitigate the redness and hangovers. At the time, he was a law student at SMU, and he roped in fellow SMU student Solomon Poon, then an economics major. SMU alumnus Solomon said he gets hives and turns red when he drinks. Solomon, a certified nutritionist, got to figuring out a formula for their hangover cure. When they had a prototype, they applied for a grant from the University's business incubator programme and were awarded $10,000 to start DrinkAid. As part of the programme, they also had eight months of mentoring to get their business off the ground. They broke even within a week of their August 2020 launch. They are working on two new versions of their product - a gummy bear version of DrinkAid and an extended release version of the capsule.

The Sunday Times