Three Cs for Singapore's universities to thrive in a post-Covid-19 world

While speaking at The Straits Times Education Forum at SMU on Feb 10, Education Minister Chan Chun Sing shared his views on how Singapore’s universities can be platforms to achieve the three Cs of Continual learning; Connections and collaboration for value creation; and Confidence building. He also shared that he is happy to hear that SMU is planning to give some students the flexibility to design their own curriculum and build their own degree courses, as he believes success can be achieved regularly only with the relevant skills and knowledge modules, being combined and recombined, to create new value propositions for the evolving market. He also noted that autonomous universities, including SMU, already have a range of educators and researchers, and Singapore must step up efforts to grow this diversity, including tapping more industry experts to serve as adjuncts and practice-track faculty. Mr Chan also encourages SMU not to see itself as a university in the city centre, but instead to aspire to have the city in the SMU, where SMU inspires and leads the transformation of the city and businesses.

The Straits Times