Studying Arts and Science, and bravely navigating Deep Tech

SMU alumna Ong Wei Ching, who graduated last year with a major in Politics, Law and Economics, is currently working as a data scientist at medtech company Holmusk. She completed her four-year degree programme within three and a half years, and also actively took up technology-related courses and applied for internship opportunities in her spare time. After graduating from SMU, Wei Ching participated in the Summation Programme by SGInnovate, and worked as an intern at Holmusk for eight months, before joining the company in August 2021. There, she was surprised to learn that her co-workers come from diverse fields of study, and that not all of them had majored in data science. Wei Ching believes that one should not be afraid to join an industry where they have no prior experience, and that everyone should have the courage to explore the unknown.

Lianhe Zaobao