Madam President

In a special feature with The Business Times, Professor Lily Kong shares about her role as SMU President, and how one of her important early moves as President was to translate SMU's Vision 2025 into strategic plans. Prof Kong also shares about one of SMU's crown jewels – the Institute of Innovation of Entrepreneurship – and its flagship Lee Kuan Yew Global Business Plan Competition. She added that SMU is encouraging its students to pay more attention to South-east Asia through learning and gaining experience in this region beyond community service projects. Prof Kong also shares about her personal vision for what a university ought to be – one that gives back to its community not just in terms of producing graduates for the workforce, but also in terms of developing entrepreneurial, innovative young people to come up with new ideas that can address the challenges of the world, and supporting faculty to do their work so that they can make a difference through their research.

The Business Times