Seniors not getting jab out of fear of side effects: Study

According to a study conducted by the SMU Centre for Research on Successful Ageing, concerns over the safety and efficacy of the vaccines is the main reason seniors are reluctant to go for Covid-19 jabs. The second most cited reason is that they do not believe in any form of vaccination. "These findings suggest that many older adults remain sceptical of the efficacy and safety of the vaccines," the study said. "Thus, to encourage more older adults to get vaccinated, the authorities should make efforts to assure older adults of the safety of the vaccines." The study recommends that government initiatives should focus on assuring individuals that the vaccines are effective and do not pose a significant risk, particularly for those who may be of poorer health but are still able to be vaccinated. As those who are reluctant are likely to hold less trust in official or formal sources of information, these initiatives should reach out to younger relatives deemed more trustworthy.

The New Paper