Covid-19 presents opportunity to rethink, revitalise university education

Blended or hybrid models of degree education and accreditation of skills acquired through non-traditional modes of learning are not new considerations for universities. The pandemic however, has forced universities to adapt and adjust the way in which they deliver their programmes, and the switch to online learning has also led students and parents to reconsider the price and value proposition of higher education. At The Straits Times Education Forum, held in partnership with SMU on Feb 5, questions on costs and affordability of university education came up time and again. In recent years, the Ministry of Education and the universities have increased their financial help, but also created multiple pathways giving disadvantaged students opportunities to progress to higher education. Education Minister Lawrence Wong, who spoke at the forum, pledged to keep university education accessible and affordable. He said it has and will continue to be a key priority for his ministry. [This article forms part of the last of the ST-SMU Reimagining Universities, Post-Covid four-part series.]

The Straits Times