SMU Masters degree track in Digital Transformation launched as global market is set to triple to over US$1,000 billion within 5 years

SMU’s School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS) has launched a new Digital Transformation track for 2021 under its Master of IT in Business (MITB) programme.

Singapore, 19 January 2021 – The Singapore Management University’s School of Computing and Information Systems (SCIS) has launched a new Digital Transformation track for 2021 under its Master of IT in Business (MITB) programme.

The new MITB Digital Transformation Track

The newly created MITB Digital Transformation track equips graduates with the blend of information and communications technology (ICT) knowledge and skills to strategise and execute digital transformation for a complex organisation in a rapidly changing environment.

The curriculum was developed based on SMU’s survey of 20 experts in 17 public and private organisations from various industry domains to determine the talent requirements, in terms of knowledge and skillsets, for digital transformation. The courses in the programme comprise Digital Transformation Strategy; Digital Organisation and Change Management; Agile and DevSecOps; (digital) Product Management; Digital Governance and Risk Management; Experimental Learning and Design Thinking; Digital Enterprise Architecture and Business Applications of Digital Technology.

Professor of Information Systems (Education) Michelle Cheong, Associate Dean of SMU SCIS Postgraduate Professional Education said, “Digital Transformation is a game changer that will empower organisations to not only sustain their business in an economic crisis, but also emerge as winners in the new normal.

Companies that espouse digital transformation must invest in talent to innovate, optimise processes and develop new business models to maximise revenue streams.

At SMU, we are answering the impetus by training talent who can support organisations to succeed in integrating digital technology into all areas of business, with the launch of the new Digital Transformation track.”

Applications are open from 1st January to 31st May 2021 for the new track which will commence for the August 2021 student intake. 

Digital Transformation

The global digital transformation market size is expected to grow from US$469.8 billion in 2020 to US$1,009.8 billion by 2025, at a compound annual growth rate of 16.5%. Asia Pacific is expected to grow at the highest rate of 20.7% during the forecast period. (PR Newswire).

Singapore’s Minister for Trade and Industry Chan Chun Sing commented in a national broadcast on 14 June 2020, “COVID-19 has pushed many businesses and consumers to embrace the digital world. The digital trajectory will only accelerate, and not reverse. We must enable every Singaporean, young and old; every business, big and small, to go digital and thrive. Companies will embrace digital tools to create new business models and transcend our local market constraints.”

SMU Master of IT in Business

SCIS regularly reviews the MITB programme in response to emerging technologies and market demands in order to stay relevant to the industry. MITB graduates are highly sought after by organisations across many industries and most have made significant career advancements since graduation. The programme has emerged as one of Asia’s best Masters in Business Analytics programmes for 3 consecutive years – Asia’s #1 in 2019 and 2020, Asia’s #2 in the QS Masters in Business Analytics Rankings 2021.

With the launch of the Digital Transformation Track, the programme offers four specialisation tracks: Analytics, Financial Technology & Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Transformation.